Vol 32, No 2 (2013)

Table of Contents


A Preprocessing Algorithm for the CAD System of Mammograms Using the Active Contour Method PDF
Farhan AKRAM, Jeong Heon KIM, Kwang Nam CHOI 1-13
Cognitive Coping Strategies and Emotional Distress in Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder PDF
Elena PREDESCU, Anca DOBREAN, Cristina POP, Ioana MICLUTIA, Roxana SIPOS 14-21
E-Learning Content for Early Detection Cervival Cancer PDF
Giovani DEWI, Bens PARDAMEAN, Agus PUTRANTO 22-29
Variation of Anti-inflammatory Cytokines in Relationship with Menopause PDF
Andrei Mihai MALUTAN, Nicolae COSTIN, Razvan CIORTEA, Dan MIHU 30-38
Enabling coordination within medical settings: case of a maternity ward PDF
Fouzi LEZZAR, Abdelmadjid ZIDANI, Atef CHORFI 39-46
Design of Dimensional Model for Clinical Data Storage and Analysis PDF
Dipankar SENGUPTA, Priyanka ARORA, Shradha PANT, Pradeep K. NAIK 47-53
Medical Image Retrieval Using Transforms PDF
Swarnambiga AYYACHAMY, Mannivannan VASUKI 54-66
Acute Viral Hepatitis A – Clinical, Laboratory and Epidemiological Characteristics PDF
Melinda HORVAT, Doina F. ŢĂŢULESCU, Dumitru CÂRSTINA, Cristina M. CISMARU, Adriana V. SLAVCOVICI, Monica I. MUNTEAN, Irina FILIPESCU, Mădălina VĂLEANU 67-78

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