Vol 35, No 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


Performance Study of Cancer Selection/Classification Algorithms Based on Microarray Data PDF
Hamidreza SABERKARI, Mousa SHAMSI, Faegheh GOLABI, Mohammad Javad AMOSHAHY, Mohammad Hossein SEDAAGHI 1-10
Impact of Music on College Students: Analysis of Galvanic Skin Responses PDF
Grammar Formalism for ECG Signal Interpretation and Classification PDF
Salah HAMDI, Asma BEN ABDALLAH, Mohamed Hedi BEDOUI 21-26
An Integrated Noncommunicable Disease Risk Assessment and Data Management Application for Community Health Promotion Campaigns PDF
Valentin NĂDĂŞAN, Vladimir BACÂREA, Zoltan ÁBRÁM, Tudor CĂLINICI, Marius MĂRUŞTERI 27-34
Design and Implementation of Data Collection Instruments for Neonatology Research PDF
Monica G. HĂŞMĂŞANU, Sorana D. BOLBOACĂ, Lorentz JÄNTSCHI, Gabriela C. ZAHARIE, Tudor C. DRUGAN 35-44
Understanding of Statistical Terms Routinely Used in Presentations: A Survey among Residents who participate at a Summer School PDF
Cosmina Ioana BONDOR, Norina Alinta GÂVAN, Ina Maria KACSO 45-51

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