Introduction: Preeclampsia is an exacerbation of a generalized inflammatory response, physiologically present in the third trimester of pregnancy. Aim: The aim of the study consists in the evaluation of proinflammatory cytokine TNF-α in the context of preeclampsia. Material and Method: A transversal study was performed in three groups of patients: non-pregnant patients, patients with normal pregnancies in the third trimester, patients with preeclampsia. Serum TNF-α levels were determined using the immunometric sandwich EIA method. Results: The results obtained confirm a significant increase (p<0.01) in circulating TNF-α levels in the last trimester of pregnancy, compared to the non-pregnant status. Significantly increased serum TNF-α concentrations (p<0.001) were also found in pregnant patients with preeclampsia, compared to normotensive pregnant women. Conclusion: This proinflammatory cytokine can be a potential marker of the severity of the preeclamptic syndrome, without being an indicator of the fetal status at birth.


Preeclampsia, Normal pregnancy, Tumor necrosis factor-α, Proinflammatory state.