Aim: The aim of this study was to monitor the evolution of pain, dependence score and quality of life in the pre- and post-operative period, in association with surgery type and specific healthcare problems. Material and Method: We conducted a prospective, descriptive study. Patients were evaluated using scales using a holistic approach, both preoperatively and postoperatively, to assess pain, quality of life, and dependence score. Results: The score for pain, dependence score and quality of life in the postoperative period, in patients with mastectomy, is higher than in patients who underwent conservative surgery. The complexity of care problems increases in direct proportion to the extent of surgery and pre-existing comorbidities. Conclusions: The increase in the quality of life assessment score is directly correlated with the increase in the dependency score calculated by using the Scale / degree of dependence assessment scale on the 14 Fundamental Needs, both values increased, being directly related to the decrease in quality of life in the postoperative period.


Breast cancer, Quality of Life (QoL), Preoperatively, Postoperatively, Dependence score