The paper briefly presents the steps performed in implementing the project “Dispatching and Management Center for Optimizing Home Care Integrated Services”, the economical competitiveness of research results. This project was developed in order to transfer the results of the project called Complex System on NGN support for offering Home Telecare Services for Elders – TELEASIS. The project  is co-financed by the European Development Found through the Operational Program Competitiveness, through the founding action Partnerships for knowledge transfer whose main objective is to increase the economical competitiveness of the research works. The project started in September 2016, aiming to create  partnerships for knowledge transfer in order to develop the ICT support necessary for the implementation of a Dispatching and Management Center for optimizing home care integrated services – CDMS, as a support for offering medical and social services at home. The technical basis of the project focuses on building software applications as support for home care providers in order to perform management of delivered services, patients management, financial activities, home visits, stocks and teleassistance services. The project is approaching the end of implementation and it's main key performance indicators have been reached. Seven partnerships have been developed for industrial research and experimental development activities that allowed performing the knowledge transfer and design and development and for experimentation, validation and medical personnel training. During the initial stages the project, technical specifications have been developed according to requests coming from potential beneficiaries, like requests for video-consultations, for management of medical services or for the integration of medical devices for medical data acquisition. Specific medical devices have been integrated for remote monitoring of vital parameters: blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, glycemia, oxygen saturation and ECGG measurements. Currently, the CDMS platform runs as a pilot in Alba County, Romania and it serves 6 service providers with more than 100 registered patients.


Telemedicine, Teleassistance, Home care providers, Home integrated services