HosmartAI – A Platform for Resilient Healthcare Systems


  • Lacramioara STOICU-TIVADAR UPT


Digital health, Integration, Standards, Platform, Resilient


to facilitate and measure the benefits of integrating digital technologies, robotics and AI, in the healthcare system. HosmartAI main goal is to boost a strong, efficient, sustainable and resilient European healthcare system. The Consortium gathers 24 partners – large enterprises, SMEs, hospitals, universities, research centers and proffesional associations - from 12 European countries, has a 10 mil euro funding and its duration is 2021-2024. HosmartAI will use the co-construction with stakeholders and citizens for the best real world solution. 8 Large-Scale Pilots will implement and evaluate improvements in medical diagnosis, surgical interventions, prevention and treatment of diseases, and support for rehabilitation and long-term care in several Hospital and care settings involving 3000 patients, 300 healthcare professionals, 600 steakholders from 5 EU regions. The objectives view 3 areas: business – focusing on the pre-comercial solution evaluation and validation, technical – targeting the delivery and deployment in the real environment of the HosmartAI platform, and scientific and innovation - focusing on the research to deliver a rigorous and self-standing methodology to drive the implementation and define its operational principles.




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