The Influence of COVID-19 Pandemic on the Oncology Patient, in Diagnostic and Therapeutic Surgical Sequence


  • Mirela Mariana VALCAN 1.Universitatea din Oradea, 2. SCJU ORADEA,


Cancer patient, Surgery, Complications, Comorbidities, COVID-19 Pandemic


Introduction: Global cancer patient care is changing from a disease-focused approach to a patient-centered approach. The care problems of the oncological patient are complex, the diversity of cases, the complexity of the surgery, the associated comorbidities were influenced by pandemic COVID-19. The main objective was to evaluate the level of the Surgery II section and as well as the influence of the COVID-19 pandemic on the type of surgery performed, complications and problems of preoperative and postoperative care. Material and Method: We performed a retrospective, descriptive study in which we included patients with oncological diagnoses hospitalized at the level of Surgery II SCJU Oradea between 15.03.20-15.03.21, the period in which the medical-surgical activity was influenced by the Covid Pandemic 19. We used the records in the Care File that contains, the Care Plan, its annexes and in the observation sheets. We analyzed the types of surgeries performed for eso-gastric, colorectal and breast cancer, complications at the time of hospitalization and associated comorbidities and the influence of the Covid Pandemic19. Results: One hundred and eighty four oncology patients were hospitalized in which 162 surgeries were performed, of which 25 patients with eso-gastric cancer, 62 patients with colorectal cancer and 20 patients with breast cancer. 12 feeding gastrostomes, 14 colostomies and 7 mastectomies were performed, interventions that affect the quality of life of the cancer patient. Conclusion: The COVID-19 pandemic delayed the time of cancer diagnosis and the time of therapeutic surgery. The therapeutic decision was influenced by the rules and recommendations imposed in the context of this pandemic. Comorbidities and complications in these cancer patients have increased the care problems specific to the surgical and oncology patient, in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic.




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