I-Kelahiran (Inovasi-Kelahiran) is a health informatics system that manages birth and immunisation data, developed and implemented in Sabah to address birth discrepancy, delayed reporting of high risk pregnancy and immunization coverage. This study aims to evaluate the conceptual framework & the factors that determine the information system success of I-Kelahiran among the nurses in Sabah State Health Department. It was a cross-sectional web-based study, conducted in 21 hospitals and 292 health clinics. A total of 1200 nurses participated, with a mean age of 31.96 years (SD=7.761) and majority of them were community nurses. About 93.8% of them had good computer literacy. Individual Impact (p=0.011) and Organizational Impact (p=0.0019) were seen to have significant association towards the nurses place of work and computer literacy had significant association towards organizational impact (p=0.046). A Structural equation modelling indicated that only perceived ease of use & importance of system are good predictors in outcome evaluation of I-Kelahiran while Individual Impact & Effectiveness are good domains to measure the overall outcome of I-Kelahiran (Chi-Square/df=2.850, CFI= 0.991, TLI= 0.989, RMSEA= 0.939). Future study is needed to study the complex external factors that lead to this information success model in Malaysia.


Health information systems; Hospital information system; Structural Equation Modeling