A total of six hundred stool samples collected from children and infants (0-5 years) presenting diarrheaat the hospital located in the four north central states of Nigeria (Niger, Kwara, Nasarawa and Federal Capital Territory) were examined for possible detection of rotavirus antigens using enzymes linkedimmunosorbent assay. 27 cases (5%) were found to be positive. The result of the reverse transcription(RT) of the viral RNA to cDNA revealed that, the vp7 gene appeared large and bold while the vp4 genehad small and faint bands. Further identification of the rotavirus isolated using Reverse transcriptionpolymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) and Agarose Gel electrophoresis, indicated strains G1 (11%), G2(15%), G8 (15%) and P4 (8%), P6 (11%), P8 (11%) as the strains identified. An indication that, theabove mentioned strains may be the dorminant strains in circulation in the study areas. Furtherinvestigation on the remaining parts of north central states is conducted in order to arrive at betterconclusion on the strains of the virus present in the entire north central region.


Gastroenteritis, Rotavirus, Strains, Diarrhea Enzyme linked immunosorbent assay.