Automatic Contour Extraction from 2D Image


  • Panagiotis GIOANNIS Technological Educational Institute of Athens, Department of Physiotherapy, Ag. Spyridonos Str., 12210 Aigaleo, Greece. Tel.: +302105758482.


Contour extraction, Medical image, 2D image, Computed tomography.


Aim: To develop a method for automatic contour extraction from a 2D image. Material and Method:The method is divided in two basic parts where the user initially chooses the starting point and thethreshold. Finally the method is applied to computed tomography of bone images. Results: Aninteresting method is developed which can lead to a successful boundary extraction of 2D images.Specifically data extracted from a computed tomography images can be used for 3D bone reconstruction. Conclusions: We believe that such an algorithm or part of it can be applied on severalother applications for shape feature extraction in medical image analysis and generally at computergraphics.


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