Affine with B-Spline Registration based Retrieval using Distance Metrics


  • Swarnambiga AYYACHAMY


Medical image registration, Medical image retrieval, Clinical diagnosis, Medical image registration based retrieval, Medical imaging


Developing a two stage framework is the purpose dealt in this paper. This rely on the Affine transformation and B –Spline for registration of medical images as the first stage of the framework and retrieval of medical images using distance metrics as the second stage in the framework. Affine with B-Spline registration based retrieval methods have been dealt in this paper. Evaluation of the framework using images extracted from the Affine with B-Spline  registration are applied for the retrieval of medical images performing registration based retrieval. Quantitative analysis is performed to show the registration based retrieval methods perform well with comparable results and presents a summary of the results obtained. This work brings three major advantages as conclusion.  First, medical images are conveniently retrieved from the database for effective clinical comparison, diagnosis and verification and also serving as a guidance tool. Second, coping registration techniques with monomodal medical images for more detailed view of images. Third, driving and tracking the entire lifecycle of this medical process would be easier with this application which permits immediate access to all patients’ data stored in a medical repository. Conclusions drawn out of the proposed schemes are listed and justified.

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Swarnambiga AYYACHAMY

Department of ECE

Assistant Professor




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