Introduction: In radiotherapy, erythema is a common side-effect, especially during radiotherapy treatment regimes that last several weeks. The measurement of erythema might be of clinical relevance, especially when standardized interpretation is possible. Aim: The aim of this article is to present a tool that can be implemented for automatized and time efficient quantification of erythema from digital images taken during radiotherapy treatment. Method: Instead of relying on commercially available graphic editors and performing manual operations on the images within these programs we developed a java based tool that can automatically evaluate the “redness” of images. These erythema values receive a score number, are connected with the date and time the pictures were taken and are exported into a comma separated values (CSV) file. Results: The Erythema values of images could be quickly evaluated with the developed tool. With spreadsheet software the exported file could be easily manipulated to produce graphical representations of erythema rise. Conclusion: Erythema quantification from digital images can be easily performed by custom developed java tools. An automated quantification provides a method of detecting an increase in erythema that may not be visible to the naked eye.


Erythema, Radiotherapy, Imaging, Breast Cancer, Radiation Oncology, Java, Software tool.