Aim: This study investigated the physicochemical properties i.e. water sorption (Wsp) and solubility (Wsl) of one experimental composite in comparison with four commercially available materials used for direct restorations. Material and Methods: Disc-shaped specimens of each material were prepared and investigated according to the ISO standard 4049:2000. Results: The experimental composite had similar water sorption values with the trade-mark composites after 1 day storage. Significant differences regarding Wsp were found after 7 days and respectively 1 month of immersion (p<0.05). Similarities between the experimental composite and the trade-mark materials were observed regarding Wsl. Conclusion: The Wsp and Wsl values of the experimental material as well as of the trade-mark composites are in accordance with ISO standard 4049:2000, that is Wsp < 40 µg/ mm3 and Wsl <7.5 µg/mm3 .


Water sorption, Solubility, Composite resin, Direct restoration