Medical work in public hospitals in Romania has a double subordination: strictly speaking the Health Care Directives is coordinated by the Ministry of Health and in terms of economics the activity is funded by the National Health Insurance through its county subsidiaries. This separation of the two fields, medical and economical, has generated problems in many cases of hospital activity in our country. Economic and financial parameters of 39 hospitals were extracted from their economic balance sheets for 2009-2010 and were entered into a multi-criteria analysis to generate an overall score. Then this was checked for possible relationships with the hospitals’ competence (established by the Ministry of Health with the help of a national program). The aim of this study was to assess the relationship between hospital medical competency and economical parameters in the Romanian Health Care System. The lack of correlation of the economic and financial parameters with the health parameters observed by our study reflects the current problems in the Romanian health system, where the impossibility of generating practical management solutions is the consequence of multiple subordination of hospital units, separate assessment of competence and administrative skills.


Multiple criteria methods, Competence, Management