Aim: The physico-chemical properties of an experimental composite resin used for indirect dental restorations were investigated. The goal was to evaluate the variation of water sorption and solubility of the composite specimens during a 7 day period of immersion and to assess the effect of an additional post-curing treatment on these properties. Material and Methods: The specimens were prepared and investigated according to the ISO standard 4049:2000. Two group of specimens were studied i.e. light-cured and post-cured (group A) samples and light-cured (group B) samples. Results: Significant statistical differences were observed regarding water sorption in both groups (p<0.05), the mean values being higher in the first days of immersion. Regarding the water solubility, negative values were obtained, that varied throughout the entire period of immersion; the solubility is masked by the higher values of water sorption. Conclusion: All the specimens present relative high water sorption values especially during the first three days of immersion. The additional post-curing treatment decreases the water sorption and solubility values.


Composite resins, Water sorption, Solubility, Statistical data