The purpose of our study was the comparison of angiographic data in patients with diabetes mellitus (DM) and chronic peripheral arterial diseases (CPAD) with the data from patients with

chronic peripheral arterial diseases but without diabetes mellitus. A group of 751 patients with CPAD hospitalized in the Vascular Surgical Department of the University Hospital in Grenoble were studied retrospectively over a 2 years period. Peripheral angiography and vascular Doppler were done in all patients. Fifty-five of them (7.3%) had DM. The following parameters were analyzed: age, gender, inpatient mortality, hospital readmission, clinical stage of CPAD, incidence of: amputation, acute ischemia, arterial bypass, arterial or bypass thrombosis, gangrene, arterial stenosis, aneurysm formation, medical versus (vs) surgical treatment.

No statistically significant differences were found between DM vs non-DM groups concerning age, gender, mortality, bypass and thrombosis. Proximal arterial involvement (stenosis, aneurysm, acute ischemia) were less frequent in diabetics vs non-diabetics.

Concluding, we denote a rapid and more severe evolution of chronic peripheral arterial diseases in diabetics comparing with non-DM. distal involvement was found with higher frequency in the group with DM vs the non-DM group.


Chronic peripheral arterial diseases, Diabetes mellitus, Angiographic parameters, Statistical analysis.