Within the framework of the medical education, the Distance Learning takes a particular form, that of the “Adults Education”, having as main reasons, the following:

-To meet demands-those of the physicians in a postgraduate training programme.

-To meet specific needs – those of a periodical postgraduate training for qualification in new competencies, with new procedures and for updating knowledge regarding new regulations, etc.

The strategy of introduction Distance Education is a “dual mode” system.

Based on an institution –focused concept, the University, as a mix and multi-dimensional mean of education, is offering us a support having its source in various media (printed, audio, video and for computer aided learning)

The mode of organisation is as an inter-university “network” proposing distance -educational modules, which are released at “study centres” level.

The steps for the introduction of this system are: first the adoption and usage of learning support yielded by the profile institutions, second the adjustment of the “market“ learning support to the specific needs of the Romanian Medical Education and third the matters elaboration by academic specialists, according to the specific demands of the system and of the users.


Distance education, Romanian medical education, Continuing education.