Introduction: In pregnancies with preeclampsia, there is a generalized inflammatory response, which is much more intense than in normal pregnancy. Aim: To evaluate leukocytes and neutrophils in the serum of pregnant women with preeclampsia and to compare these values to normal pregnancy. To investigate a possible relation between the detected values and the severity of preeclamptic syndrome. Material and Method: A transversal study was performed in three groups of patients: group 1 (preeclampsia), group 2 (normal pregnancy), group 3 (control). The samples were processed using a multichannel automated hematology analyzer – ACCOS 319. The results obtained were processed by descriptive and comparative statistical methods. Results: A significant increase in leukocyte and neutrophil values was found in preeclampsia compared to normal pregnancy. Also, for group 2 (PE), there was no correlation between the number of leukocytes, neutrophils, respectively, and SBP and uric acid values, but a significant correlation was found between the studied inflammatory markers and DBP values. Conclusions: Leukocyte and neutrophil values can be considered markers of the inflammatory syndrome present in preeclampsia. These parameters were positively correlated with DBP values.


Preeclampsia, Pregnancy, Leukocytes, Neutrophils.