Services offered by Internet are increasing continually and medical websites covering all the specialties are available presently. Finding relevant information with a spider-web organization is difficult. The purpose of this paper is to suggest the current state of the art of the radiological website. Naturally, there are many methods to find radiological information but I will present some useful type of it. I recommended starting with hierarchical lists which propose a selection of sites corresponding to medical specialties. I give my selection of some important radiological websites sealing with anatomy and radio-anatomy, image database, case report and continuing medical education. The global quality of sites is good, help pages and external links are the main noticed shortcoming. Day by day, the quality is improved, with digital images, CT, MRI and ultrasound images that can be directly transferred on websites. On the other hand, network performances increased in order to reduce delay in transferring and displaying images. It will be very useful, for the radiologists around the world, to create a unified resource for radiology on the Internet free for all users.


Internet, Radiology, Continuing Education.