Survival analysis is a collection of statistical procedures for data analysis for which the outcome variable of interest is time until an event occurs. By event, we mean death disease, incidence, relapse from remission, recovery or any designated experience of interest that may happen to an individual. Complex statistics analysis needs specific software packages. The software system like SPSS and SAS are very powerful for processing very complex data, but in the other side there are expensive. The informatics instrument must be easy to use so that it reliably serves the user. The programs that are the easiest to use are: SAS, STATA, SPSS, STATISTICA.

The aim of this application was the predictive assessment of the occurrence of complications (depression, anxiety, apathetic conditions, various forms of delirium, extrapyramidal signs) during treatment within the outpatient hospital (calculated as number of days) in patients with mental diseases in whom changes in cognitive processes were identified.


survival analysis, informatics instruments.