Etiology and prognosis are important factors in diagnostic and treatment decisions-making being activities that must to be faced by physicians every day. Evaluation of the specificity of an association between risk or prognostic factors and disease is usual described in a case-control or a cohort study and are made on categorical variables. There are publications of assessment the validity, relevance and results of etiology/prognosis but Romanian physicians could not have access to this information’s because of poverty of English language knowledge. Because assessing an etiology/prognosis paper is time consuming it will be a waste of time not to summarize the information in order to be available and to be read by other physicians. Based on a comprehensive review of medical literature we developed an etiology/prognosis CATRom interface, software that to assist Romanian physicians in creating, storing, retrieving, and filtering etiology/prognosis critical appraised topics.


Evidence-based medicine, Critical appraise topics, Risk factors assessment, Case-control study, Cohort studies.