In day-by-day activity, physicians are face to therapeutic decisions all the time. They  are influenced of the modality of presenting the results of a therapy study results from categorical data because depending on which measures of effect choused, the impact of an intervention may appear large or small, even though the underlying data are the same. Therapeutic key parameters obtained based on categorical data are debate in English and French medical literature and there are some programs, which compute parameters. Unfortunately, Romanian physicians do not have too many choices when they want to precede a therapy paper assessment. This reason was directed us to make a review on therapy assessment theory and software implementation, and starting from this point to creates an original software for Romanian physicians. The present paper describes the part of CATRom application that allows physicians to operate with therapy assessment. The CATRom implementation use a MySQL database for storing and managing information and PHP programming language for program interface. The application,  dedicated for Romanian physicians, has a friendly interface that allows interaction with the users and can run on any computer that has Internet connection, offering an environment for therapeutic critical appraise topic creation. The quality of the therapeutic critical appraise topic depend just on the skills of the user who create it. Note that any evidence in therapeutic fields is change when new evidence becomes available and the therapeutic critical appraise topic must be periodically updated in order to be useful.


Critical appraised topics, Therapy studies assessment.