Out of the main evolution and prognostic factors involved in ovarian cancer (clinical, morphological, biological and therapeutical) the objectives of this study are limited to evaluating the association between ovarian cancer and clinical, morphological and therapeutical factors as well as the extent of the association. After applying exclusion criteria we included 302 cases in our study out of the 1442 patients with diagnosed ovarian cancer admitted at the CNIO between 1994 and 2004. The exclusion criteria were the following: No follow-up possibility after the first admission (504 cases), did not benefit from standardized treatment (96 cases), primary tumor not recorded (362 cases), double localizations (23 cases), admission to hospital in terminal stage (93 cases), ovarian metastases (42 cases) and unknown histopathology (20 cases). Data processing included: descriptive statistics for each parameter, statistical comparisons using the cross Student’s t test (Anova), calculating the regression coefficient r2 and calculating temporal data by Kaplan-Mayer method. Conclusions are expressed in terms of productivity on disease recurrence and global survival.


Ovarian cancer, Prognostic factors, Prediction.