The purpose of this paper is to reveal the influence of some parameters (tumor stage, age, treatment type) on the survival rate of the patients with head and neck cancer. Oro-maxillofacial cancer is in continuous growing around the world. The mortality rate regarding oral tumors has been dwindling. There are many deaths caused by cancer every year. Cancer also causes a great impact among patients and relatives, by the disease itself and also by the healing process. A number of 1072 patients with oro-maxillofacial cancer were studied. Data regarding survival was gathered from 352 patients, using post cards, phone, and patient follow up. The main results of the paper refer to: patients included 712 males and 360 females; 333 patients had T1 classification, 304 had T4 classification. 630 patients presented squamous cell carcinoma, 250 basal cell carcinoma and there were also patients with undifferentiated tumors. The overall survival rate was 86.36% after one year, 49.43% after three years, 30.68% after five years, and 3.41% after ten years. In conclusion, survival after surgery is significant better compared to other types of treatment, also survival rate is significant higher among females, and doesn’t depend upon the place of residence.


Oro-maxillofacial cancer, Tumor stage, Surgery, Survival analysis.