The implementation of an integrated, medically authorized, information system represents a need for the medicine in Romania today. The achievement of this system for an orthopedic malformation (clubfoot) has shown to be a unique effort in Romania, that supplies a base for research and a high quality information base, medically approved and also available to large groups of patients and families. The medical component of the system implemented in our service represented by the Microsoft Access application of data collection and analysis showed to be extremely useful. The uniform manner of collecting data permits a rigorous analysis of this congenital disease and removes many of the errors usually met in data collection. We think that this application can be implemented in any centre of paediatric orthopaedics in our country, as the resources needed are minimal and practically they are available anywhere. The integration of such informative resources in a national unique system in Romania, of the National Register-type, will improve the quality of the data available for the researchers in Romania and the results of the research will generate unique treatment protocols so that, finally, the quality of the medical act and its standardization will develop.


Clubfoot, National Register, Research, Database.