The aim of this study was to assess the clinical evolution of diabetic persons registered to Diabetes Center Cluj-Napoca and secondary, to assess the efficacy of clinical management. We analyzed a group of 161 diabetic persons, of whom 121 without known cardiovascular disease. The study group was selected as statistical significant, by number and therapeutic structure. We compared two annual assessments of each person, the mean time between them - 18 months. Weight-related parameters raised significantly during the study: weight raised with 1.5 kilograms, waist with 2 centimeters and mean BMI with 0,5 kg/m2. The risk factor control improved for all three cardiovascular risk factor analysed: dysglycemia, hypertension and dyslipidemia. Both the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and mean cardiovascular risk scores raised significantly during the observation. To conclude, this study demonstrates that risk factor control is improving in persons with diabetes, although the metabolic syndrome and cardovascular risk is increasing. This means that overall, the multifactorial management is not efficient in terms of cardiovascular prevention, revealing a gap between guidelines and clinical practice. This is not a specific Romanian situation, several international studies, both American and European, had reported the same observation.


Diabetes mellitus, Cardiovascular risk factors, Cardiovascular risk, Clinical management.