Until recently, measurements of B-type natriuretic peptide and/or its fragments have not been available in our country, and their use is still limited by relatively high costs. The objective of the study is to measure and interpret the NT-proBNP levels in an unselected group of individuals with diabetes attending an out-patient diabetes department. The study population represents a subgroup of individuals included in a larger cross-sectional study aiming to screen for congestive heart failure (modified version of the Reykjavik study protocol was used for this purpose). In a subgroup of patients, the measurement of NT-proBNP levels was performed from a random venous blood sample, using the Cardiac reader System (Roche Diagnostic). The use of NT-proBNP testing in an out-patient setting, using an accessible method (except for relative high costs), could exclude HF as the cause of specific symptoms/signs (dyspnea, ankle edema) in a population of patients where these symptoms/signs are common due to high comorbidity (as it is the case of obesity and its mechanical consequences).


Diabetes, Heart failure, Screening, Natriuretic peptide.