The aim of the research was to investigate the potential of cervical lymph nodes ultrasound examination in diagnosis of the HIV infected children in order to correlate the ultrasound findings with the group of CD4 lymphocyte levels. A sample of forty HIV positive children with antiviral treatment at the Infectious Diseases Clinic in Cluj-Napoca, stage B or C were included into the study. At least two ultrasound grey scale, colour and power Doppler examinations were performed during the study. Six hundred and ninety-six lymph nodes were identified and analyzed. According with the ultrasound patterns three types divided into 5 classes were identified. A statistically significant correlation was identified between first ultrasound type pattern and high level of CD4 blood level. Ultrasound examination allowed the identification of the predominant lymph node type in HIV- lymphadenopathy and to differentiate the HIV-related lymphadenopathy from lymph nodes opportunistic infectious and neoplasm. Further investigations are indispensable.


HIV Infections, Ultrasonography, Cervical Lymph Nodes, Child.