Demographic developments, including an aging population, change pathological models and pressures on health systems sustainability of the European Union. ICT can play a significant role in approaching these challenges because they allow the management and providing of health and social services more efficiently. Health informatics systems have the potential to play an important role in achieving well- being, independent living and delaying of the aging process and restoring the vitality of the mature body. The „Multidisciplinary Complex System for the Efficient Management of the Anti-Aging information (AgingNice)” creates favourable conditions for the participation of all at the Information Society. AgingNice allows the sharing of the knowledge concerning the specific research and the promotion of the theoretical and practical information, both among the stakeholders from the medical area and at the citizen’s level. „Informational Centre of Dermatology (CID)” is a complex system that has as target to achieve a modern informatics tool able to centralize in a single point a variety of web services and information classified by user’s type. Both health informatics systems demonstrate how ICT can improve the dissemination of health information, knowledge, comprising the users’ motivation concerning educational content and its new promoting methods.


Health education informatics systems, Anti-aging, Empowerment, Healthy aging / lifestyle.