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This supplement issue of Applied Medical Informatics is dedicated to the 1st Conference of the Romanian Society of Medical Informatics (RSMI) RoMedINF dedicated to the entry levels researchers on digital health technical solutions. The jRoMedINF first edition is organized as a hybrid event by RSMI in association and hosted by the West University of Timişoara. “Victor Babeş” University of Medicine and Pharmacy and Politehnica University of Timişoara are also co-organizers.

Healthcare digital ecosystems represent a promising frontier in the pursuit of better health outcomes and enhanced healthcare delivery focus of precision medicine. By embracing hypotheses-driven research, leveraging innovative methods, and harnessing the potential of digital technologies, the landscape of healthcare face new possibilities, with expected more accessible, efficient, and patient-centric healthcare worldwide.

Digital ecosystems could reshape the landscape of disease preventions, patient care, medical research, and operational efficiency. The integration of digital technologies into healthcare systems need appropriate evaluation as per short and long term sustainability of the system. New hypotheses are born, innovative methods are applied and need validation, while impact of new technologies on healthcare outcomes and costs need validation.

Nowadays, digital health stands out as a frontier ripe with opportunities and challenges. As freshmen entering this dynamic multidisciplinary field, we feel that a dedicated scientific conference tailored to address the unique needs and aspirations of newcomers is needed. jRoMedINF event serves as an open-minded non-discriminating environment tailored to open-discussion and constructive debates for digital health solution and methods, a pivotal platform for ideas and knowledge exchange, skill development, and networking, aiming to catalyze the growth and innovation essential for advancing digital health.

jRoMedINF scientific conference provides an opportunity to interact with experts in healthcare innovation, ethics and its role in artificial intelligence, and opinion of what digital health done right means. The active attendees had the opportunity to present their ideas, hypothesis and results and to receive constructive feedback from the audience. The passive attendees had the opportunity to be in touch with the new researches in the digital healthcare and to interact actively with the researches in the field. Our conference serves as a catalyst for skill development and capacity building among aspiring digital health professionals. Moreover, jRoMedINF scientific conference fosters a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration and networking, essential for fostering interdisciplinary partnerships and driving collective progress. Attendees interact with peers, mentors, and experts, forging connections that transcend disciplinary boundaries and feed collaborative initiatives. The interactions facilitate knowledge sharing and inspire creativity, innovation, and the cross-pollination of ideas, laying the groundwork for future collaborations and breakthroughs.

The jRoMedINF scientific conference dedicated to freshmen in digital health is a strategic investment in the future of healthcare innovation. By providing a platform for ideas and knowledge exchange, skill development, and networking, this event empowers newcomers to navigate the complexities of the digital health landscape with confidence and purpose, driving forward a future where technology transforms healthcare for the better.




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