Digital Health Done Right


  • Andreea-Zenovia POPESCU n/a


Digital Health, User-centered Design, User Research, Remote Care, Patient Monitoring


Once the digital environment started to rise, alongside with the patients and doctors needs, as well, the healthcare As the digital environment began to rise alongside the needs of patients and doctors, the healthcare landscape also needed to adapt accordingly. Digital products were increasingly embraced, with practices incorporating more digital solutions into treatment and monitoring processes. Simultaneously, efforts were made to help patients understand that, alongside traditional medical care, effectively utilizing technology will enhance outcomes and improve care on a larger scale. To provide excellent solutions for patients, the digital health system must adhere to rules designed to ensure that it does not cause more harm than good. Interoperability, data security, user-centered design, and remote continuous monitoring are just a few principles underpinning digital health. Digital health should be a collaborative work between the users (administrative, technology, clinical staff, patients, etc.) involved as providers and beneficiaries. Understanding the “voice” of the primary beneficiaries - the patients- leads to a personalized system that focuses on how the patient can receive the best care and how the patient will feel safer. Digital health done right is not just about the elements that are at the base of it. Still, it is about the entire medical act in which it is integrated, succeeding in transmitting safety, respect, easy access to care, involvement, support, and engagement.




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