• Bogdan-Florin BARBU OncoGen
  • Claudiu SPIESCU OncoGen


Emergency Medical Services; Ambulance Dispatch Centers; Ambulance Time to Arrival; Pre-Hospital Delay, first-aid, Mobile application, Society


Background and Aim: First minutes of a medical emergency are the most crucial ones, and the first aid must be given as soon as possible. Identifying this issue, we aimed to develop a mobile app that connects all individuals who have first aid knowledge and notifies them if there is a nearby emergency. Methods: The development of the system took over eight months. Within this time, we developed the app and started working in collaboration with OncoGen Institute to receive expert medical advice related to our app's first aid guide but also providing valuable advice regarding the app features. Results: Until this moment, the app can notify nearby certified first aid responses if there is an incident nearby, providing details about it. Furthermore, the app displays a map of all defibrillators in Romania and has an integrated interactive first aid guide for revisioning the steps if necessary. For identifying incidents, we are looking forward collaborating with Romanian Special Telecommunication Service to receive all on-street emergencies. Conclusion: Initial feedback has been a positive one, suggesting that AidLink will have a significant impact on society, reducing the time a victim receives first aid.




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