Selection and Use of Online Learning Resources by Medical Students – Study Protocol


  • Adina NIŢU "Iuliu Hațieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca


Online learning resources, Medical education, Medical students, Educational materials, E-learning


Background and Aim: Online learning resources have become increasingly used in medical education as they have experienced rapid development in recent years. With the increase of digital platforms, medical students now have access to an extensive array of educational materials, so it becomes necessary to understand how medical students navigate, select, and use these digital tools, to be able to develop new online learning methods or to improve the existing ones. This study will aim to determine the preferences and criteria used by medical students in selecting and using online learning resources, as well as the impact of these e-learning resources on their academic performance. Material and Methods: The study will be cross-sectional, where eligible participants will be medical students from the Romanian study section, ranging from the first to the sixth year of study, enrolled in one of any medical universities in Romania. Students who are studying medicine in English or French language, or those who are studying another specialty, will not be included. We will invite participants to take part in the study by distributing an anonymous online questionnaire through social media platforms. The questions will address what types of online learning resources students access, their selection criteria, as well as their perceptions of the usefulness and reliability of different types of resources. Discussion: The findings will provide a deeper understanding of how medical students select and use online learning resources. The results could be used to enhance medical education programs or to develop online learning resources according to the needs and preferences of the students.




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