Spike-and-wave epileptiform discharge pattern detection based on Kendall's Tau-b coefficient

Antonio QUINTERO-RINCÓN, Catalina CARENZO, Joaquín EMS, Lourdes HIRSCHSON, Valeria MURO, Carlos D´GIANO


Epilepsy is an important public health issue. An appropriate epileptiform discharge pattern detection of this neurological disease is a typical problem in biomedical engineering. In this paper, a new method is proposed for spike-and-wave discharge pattern detection based on Kendall's Tau-b coefficient. The proposed approach is demonstrated on a real dataset containing spike-and-wave discharge signals, where our performance is evaluated in terms of high Specificity, rule in (SpPIn) with 94% for patient-specific spike-and-wave discharge detection and 83% for a general spike-and-wave discharge detection.


Spike-and-wave discharge; Kendall’s Tau-b coefficient; Electroencephalography (EEG); Epilepsy; high Specificity, rule in (SpPIn)

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