Chest X-Rays Image Classification in Medical Image Analysis

Taufik RAHMAT, Azlan ISMAIL, Sharifah ALIMAN


Chest X-Rays image classification is an active research area in medical image analysis as well as computer-aided diagnosis for radiology. The main goal is to improve the quality and productivity of radiologists’ task by providing a computer system for detecting and classifying diseases. A few studies have been conducted in applying machine learning methods to produce a high-quality chest X-ray image classification approach. Some review papers have been published in discussing different aspects of medical image analysis and computer-aided diagnosis for radiology. This paper aims to complement the existing surveys by targeting on the chest X-ray image classification approaches base on the use of machine learning methods. The review begins with a background information of data mining, and the fundamental knowledge of medical image analysis, chest radiography, and machine learning.


Chest X-Ray; Computer-Aided Diagnosis; Image Classification; Medical Image Analysis; Machine Learning

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