Publishing Ethics

Committee on Publication Ethics

Applied Medical Informatics promotes integrity in research publication by following Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guideline.

Ethical Responsibilities of Authors

The authors must mantain the integrity of the research by following the rules of good scientific practice, which include:

  • The manuscript has not been submitted simultaneous to more than one journal for consideration.
  • The manuscript has not been previously published (partly or in full). An expansion of previous work  is the exception of this rule but please provide transparency on the re-use of material to avoid 'self-plagiarism'.
  • Avoid the 'salami-publishing'. Do not split a study in several parts to increase the number of manuscripts.
  • Refer properly using references the work of other authors (e.g. materials that are closely copied – use also quotation marks, summarized and/or paraphrased).
  • Ask permission when you want to use data, text, images of other authors for material that are copyrighted.
  • The submission was consent by all co-authors, as well as from the institute/organization where the study was carried out, before the work is submitted.
  • All authors have sufficiently contributed to the scientific work and share collective responsibility and accountability for the results.

In addition:

  • Authors may be asked to provide raw data in connection with their research during the reviewing process and should be prepared to provide public access to such data.
  • Changes of authorship or changes in the order of authors are not accepted after acceptance of a manuscript. Requesting to add or delete authors or changing the order of authors is a serious matter and justification for such changes are considered only after receipt of written approval from all authors and based on detailed explanation about the role/deletion of the new/deleted author.
  • Any significant error or inaccuracy discovered after publication must be promptly notified and the author must cooperate with the editor to correct the paper.

Important note: Applied Medical Informatics use software to screen for plagiarism.

Compliance with Ethical Standards

  • Proper acknowledge any financial support (provide the name of research funder and the grant number).
  • Disclose any conflict of interest such as honoraria for speaking at scientific meetings, financial support for attending at scientific conferences, financial support for educational programs, employment or consultation, intellectual property rights (such as patents, copyrights and royalties from such rights), etc.
  • Provide proper information on informed consent if the research involved human participants, and a statement on welfare of animals if the research involved animals.


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