Vol 22, No 1, 2 (2008)

Table of Contents


Microarray Data Normalization for the Analysis of an Experimental Design of Prostate Cancer Cells Treated with Genistein
Tudor DRUGAN, Tudor CĂLINICI, Cristina DRUGAN, Ramona SUHAROSCHI 1-6
The Efficacy of Leridip Treatment in Hypertensive Patients with Stable Angina Pectoris
Luminiţa LĂŢEA, Ştefania L. SUTA NEGREA 7-14
Folate and Homocysteine Levels in Patients with a First Psychotic Episode
Sorina IRIMIE, Mariana VLAD, Ileana M. MIREŎTEAN, Ioana MICLUTIA 15-20
Primary and Secondary Care of Congenital Infection with Toxoplasma Gondi
Cristina MĂRII, Mihaela IANCU, Nicolae MIU, Gabriela ZAHARIE, Gabriel SAMASCĂ, Eris IDRIZI 21-26
Effects of Valsartan Therapy on QT Interval Dispersion in Congestive Heart Failure
Ştefania Luminiţa SUTA - NEGREA, Sorana D. BOLBOACĂ 27-32
A Scheme for Database Applications using Particle Networks
Mădălina VĂLEANU, Dan COSMA 33-38
Homo Sapiens Type I Collagen: Patterns Analysis
Sorana D. BOLBOACĂ, Lorentz JÄNTSCHI 39-46
The Role of a Movie in Treating Children and Adolescents with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Specific Phobia
Alexandru GHERMAN, Elena PREDESCU, Felicia IFTENE, Andrei ACHIMAS CADARIU 47-51
Antibacterial Effect of Eucalyptus globulus Leaves Extract on Antibiotic Resistant Strains of Streptococcus Pneumoniae
Faruk Adamu KUTA, Muhammed M. NDAMITSO, Haliru IBRAHIM 52-54
Genotype of Hepatitis B Virus in Romanian Patients
Cristina DRUGAN, Ségolène BRICHLER, Monica MUNTEAN, Ileana OLTEANU, Dumitru CARSTINA, Tudor DRUGAN, Emmanuel GORDIEN, Paul DENY 55-61
Analyzing Survival Data in R
Ethical Principles for Medical Research
Horaţiu COLOSI 74-77

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