Vol 10, No 1, 2 (2002)

Table of Contents


Educational Tutorial for Orthodontic Patients
Horaţiu COLOSI 3-7
Radilogy on Internet: Advice in Consulting Websites
Sorana BOLBOACĂ 8-12
Considerations Regarding the Association of Bronchial Asthma and other Allergies
Mihaela GHERMAN, Ştefan ŢIGAN 13-17
The Statistical Protection of Statistical Database
Mădălina VĂLEANU 18-23
Quantitative Analysis of Serum Hepatitis C Virus RNA Levels by Computer-Assisted Analysis of Reverse-Transcription PCR Profiles
Gheorghe JEBELEANU, Cristina DRUGAN, Lucia PROCOPCIUC, Mircea GRIGORESCU, Tudor DRUGAN 24-28
A Strategy to Optimize Sites for the Search Engines
Cosmina Ioana BONDOR 29-34
ATLAS – An Example of Applying Databases in Medicine
Tudor CĂLINICI, Marius Andrei CĂLINICI 35-48
Computer - Based Training in Medicine Via Platform - Independent Software
Mihaela PAINA, Sabine KÖPF, M. NELLE, B. TÖNSHOFF, R. SINGER, Andrei ACHIMAȘ 49-58
Health Informatics Student Administration System
Dan ISTRATE 59-69

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