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Instructions for authors

Please use the template file to prepare your manuscript.

Submission of Manuscripts


Applied Medical Informatics publishes original papers, reports, bibliographies and reviews in the fields of methodology for medical research and clinical studies, dealing with medical data processing; medical signal and image processing; statistical studies; information systems in health care; processing and expert systems; simulation and modeling.

Manuscript and covering letter should be submitted by e-mail to (add "Manuscript Submission for Appl Med Inform")


Submitted by mail (an electronic copy - CD and one printout of the manuscript) to:


Assoc. Prof., PhD, MD, Tudor DRUGAN

Department of Medical Informatics and Biostatistics

"Iuliu Haţieganu" University of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca

6 Louis Pasteur, 400349 Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA

All manuscript submitted should be accompanied by a cover letter including the confirmation that the paper has not been published elsewhere in any language, and has been approved by all co-authors (see Copyright information).


Manuscript Preparation

  • Paper format: A4 paper format. The margins should be 3 cm on top, 2.5 cm on bottom and 3 cm on both left and right sides of the paper.

  • Formatting/Style:  The paper style of Applied Medical Informatics should be followed. You may download a template file from Applied Medical Informatics homepage to prepare your paper.

Where appropriate, the papers should be organized into the following sections: Title, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussions, Acknowledgments and References.

  • Title page. The first page of the article should contain: a concise title of the paper, first name, middle initial(s), and last name of the author(s), their degree(s) and institutional affiliation(s), address, the name, address, phone and e-mail of the author to whom correspondence should be sent.

  • Abstract and Keywords. An abstract of maximum 250 words should be typed on a separate page in a form of a single paragraph and should be written in an informative style (purpose, basic methods, main results and principal conclusions). The content of the paper should be characterized by at least 3 and not more that 5 keywords in English (use MeSH when is appropriate) at the end of the abstract.

  • Text. The text should be presented in classical form any time where is possible: a brief Introduction (stating the purpose of paper), Materials and Methods in a sufficient detail, Results or System developed, Discussion, Conclusion(s), References.

  • Acknowledgments. Scientific advice, technical assistance and credit for materials may be cited in a section Acknowledgments which will appear to the end of the manuscript.

  • References. Literature references should be typed on separate sheet, listed according with Vancouver style. Reference numbers should be placed in squared brackets [], and placed before the punctuation. All references should be listed separately and as the last section at the end of the manuscript.

    • Journal references must cite the name(s) and initial(s) of the auhor(s), full title of the paper, abbreviation of the journal, year of publication, starting and ending pages.

    • Book references should cite the name(s) of the author(s), full title, edition, place of publication, publisher , year of publication, and page.


[1] Martin JM, Jabot F, Marrel P. How to Organise the Medical Data of Chronically III Patients in the Computer. Meth Inform Med 2001;24:5-12.

[2] Fauci AS, Braunwald E, Isselbacher KJ, Wilson JD, Martin JB, Kasper DL, et al, editors. Harrisonís principles of internal medicine. 14th ed. New York: McGraw Hill, Health Professions Division; 1998.

[3] Serena C, Pastor FJ, Gilgado F, Mayayo E, Guarro J. Efficacy of Micafungin in Combination with Other Drugs in a Murine Model of Disseminated Trichosporonosis Antimicrob. Agents Chemother [serial online] 2005 [cited 2005 September];49:497-502. Available from: URL:

  • Illustrations and tables. Figures and schemes must be numbered (Figure 1, Scheme 1, etc.) and an explanatory title must be added at the baseline. Tables should be inserted into the main text, and numbers and titles for all tables should be inserting at the top. All tablesí columns should have an explanatory heading.

  • Ethical consideration: Papers describing animal experiments can be accepted for publication only if the experiment conforms to the legal requirements (e.g. Directive 86/609/EEC on the protection of Animals used for Experimental and other scientific purposes, Europe). Articles describing experiments on human subjects must include a statement that experiments were performed with the understanding and consent of each subject (inform consent). Al experiments on animal or on human subjects must be approved by the ethics committee where the experiments were done.

    Romanian legislation: HG 63/24.01.2002 and its modifications (HG 266/2006 & HG 448/2007); O 37/30.01.2002 (L471/2002 & OUG 12/2007); L 46/21.01.2003; L 487/11.07.2002; L 17/22.02.2001, etc.

  • Authors' Contributions (not compulsory): The contributions of authors to the manuscript should be specified in this section. (Suggestion: AB carried defined the aim of research and the design of experiment. CD carried out the experiments. EF participated in the design of the study and performed the statistical analysis. GH coordinates and helped to draft the manuscript. All authors read and approved the final manuscript.

  • Conflict of interests: A conflict of interest exists when the interpretation of data or presentation of results may be influenced by your personal or financial relationship with other people or organizations. Authors should disclose any financial conflict of interests as well as any non-financial conflict of interests:

  •  Proofs: The manuscript for proof will be sent to the corresponding author. Corrections to the proofs should be restricted to printerís errors only. The corresponding author should be return by e-mail the proofs within 48 hours after received (alternatively could be sent by fax). SRIMA assumed that there are no errors to correct if did not receive a response from the corresponding author after 5 days. The full text of the article as *.pdf file will be publish in the Applied Medical Informatics site.

  • Permissions. Use of copyrighted material requires the copyright holderís written permission, which must accompany the manuscript. Failure to do so will considerably delay the processing of your manuscript.



All manuscripts will be subject to a Editorial Board review (the name of authors and their affiliation will be disclosed to the referees at the end of the reviewing process). Each manuscript will be review by two independent reviewers after removing the authors and their affiliations.


Copyright information

Submission of a manuscript to Applied Medical Informatics implies the following:

  • The work described has not been published before (except in form of an abstract or as part of a published lecture, or thesis).

  • The manuscript is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

  • The publication of the manuscript has been approved by all co-authors, if any.

All articles published in Applied Medical Informatics are protected by copyright, which covers the exclusive rights to reproduce and distribute the article (e.g., as offprint), as well as all translation rights. No material published in this journal may be reproduced photographically or stored on microfilm, in electronic databases, video disks, etc., without first obtaining written permission authors.

An author may make an article published by SRIMA available on his/her personal home page provided the source of the published article.

Articles published in the Applied Medical Informatics will have inserted the following note at the bottom of the first page:

© 2010 by the author(s); licensee SRIMA, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


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